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Master Player's Edition Civil War 1861-1864 Reviews Updates


February 24th 2001

Civil War is becoming an open-source project at SourceForge along with Wargamer.

Master Player's Box

Civil War Master Players Edition

  • 4 new Historical Battles
  • Players Strategy Guide
  • New graphics by Strategy First
  • Numerous Program enhancements and bug fixes

To find out about cost and availablity, please contact Empire Interactive.

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Civil War Logo

Civil War - 1861-1864

  • You can control all of the Units involved in the Civil War, from Army down to Regimental level.
  • You can control the resources in towns to raise new units, build fortifications, boats, supplies, hospitals, Prisoner Of War Camps.
  • Order your men into battle over road, rail, river or sea.
  • Change the course of history.
  • In-game Historical Encyclopedia

Civil War runs on a PC with MSDOS, 4 Megs of RAM, CD-ROM drive, Sound Blaster compatible Sound card, Vesa compatible graphics card.

The music you can hear (Bonnie Blue Flag) is taken from the Civil War song section of the in-game Historical Encyclopedia. In the actual game, the music is performed using sound samples of musical instruments used at the time and arranged by musician/composer George Villiers.

If you can not hear any music, your browser may not support Background Sound. Try opening bonblufl.mid (6523 Byte Midi File), or batlmthr.mid (5715 Byte Midi File).


If you know of any other online Civil War reviews, please email me the URL.

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Pictures of Lincoln and Jefferson, Copyright 1995 Steven Green. Drawn by James Mather for Dagger Interactive Technologies Ltd.
Empire Interactive is a trademark of Entertainment International Ltd
Civil War Logo Copyright 1995 Entertainment International Ltd
Music Midi File, Copyright 1995 Steven Green, Arranged by George Villiers for Dagger Interactive Technologies Ltd.