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Frequently Asked Questions and Answers about upgrading

  1. How do I know what version I have?

    The version number and the date it was compiled are displayed on the game's Main Menu screen in the lower border of the main picture.

  2. Can I use my old saved games with the new version?

    Yes... New versions of Civil War will read in saved games from old versions, but not the other way round.

    One exception, is if you are upgrading from V1.0.0, then old saved games will not work unless you delete GAMEDATA\START.CAM from your hard disk.

  3. After I updated, there doesn't seem to be any difference to the program, or I am getting "Illegal Sprite Number" error messages.

    You did not use the -d option with PKZip, or you did not select the "Use Directory Names" option with WinZip. Unless you use these options, all the files will end up in the main Civil War directory and the program will not work properly.

    You have not downloaded and installed all the files neccessary for the upgrade. The upgrade files are organized so that the older the version you are upgrading from, the more files you must download.

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