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Before downloading the files, please read the Installation instructions. You may need to download a program for unzipping files. You must use the -d option when using pkunzip or make sure that "Use Directory Names" is enabled in WinZip.

To keep the file sizes as small as possible, the update has been split into 3 seperate files. The older the version you are upgrading from, the more files you will need.

To upgrade from version 2.0.2:
Download CW203_A.ZIP
To upgrade from version 2.0.0 or 2.0.1 (Master Player's Edition):
Download CW203_A.ZIP and CW203_B.ZIP
To upgrade from version 1.0.x (Original Edition):
Download CW203_A.ZIP and CW203_B.ZIP and CW203_C.ZIP
You may also need:
CW203_D.ZIP, install this after any of the other files if you are getting illegal sprite errors

It is very important that you download and install all of the files for the version you are upgrading from, otherwise the program will not run!!! The version number is displayed on the game's Main Menu screen in the lower border of the main picture. If you bought the Master Player's edition, then you probably have version 2.0.0 and need to download CW203_A.ZIP and CW203_B.ZIP. If you have the original version of the game, then you will need all 3 files.

CW203_A.ZIP (524,553 Bytes)
Everybody must download this
CW203_B.ZIP (280,375 Bytes)
Additional files to upgrade from 2.0.1 or lower
CW203_C.ZIP (779,458 Bytes)
Additional files to upgrade from version 1.0.x
CW203_D.ZIP (176,479 Bytes)
Aditional files to fix illegal sprite error

Downloading and using any of these files is entirely at the user's own risk. Neither the developer nor publisher shall be liable for any loss or damage to the user's computer equipment or data files caused by the use of this program or it's associated files.
All these files are copyright 1995-1997, Steven Green.
Permission is granted for copies to be given to registered owners of Civil War 1861-1864 or Civil War Master Player's Edition, provided that they also agree to these terms. For any other use of these files, please contact Empire Interactive.

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