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Instructions for applying the upgrade

The following instructions assume that you have installed Civil War to a directory C:\CIVILWAR and that you have downloaded the upgrade file called CW203_A.ZIP into a directory call C:\DOWNLOAD. You change the appropriate part of the instructions to match your setup.

Obtaining an unZIP program

PKWARE, Inc. WinZip PKWARE, Inc.

You will need a program to unzip the files. There are several alternative programs to do this. If you are using DOS, then you will need PKUNZIP from PKWare. If you are using Windows or Windows 95, then you may use PKZIP for Windows, or WinZip

Using PKUNZIP from the DOS prompt

PKWARE, Inc. Type in the following:
  • C:

Using WinZip in Windows 3.1 or Windows 95

  • Start WinZip
  • Click on the "Open" Icon
  • Use the Open File Dialog to find the upgrade file you downloaded
  • and click on "Open".
  • Click on the "Extract" Icon.
  • Make sure that "Use Directory Names" is ticked
  • Make sure that "Overwrite Existing Files" is ticked
  • Use the "Directories/Drives" window to locate C:\CIVILWAR
  • Click on Extract.

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